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Georg Alber Mikrochchirurgie HK 2014 113 Titan-Mikro-Koronar-Schere, gedrehter Schluss, breiter fl acher Griff, 18 cm Titanium Micro Coronary Scissors, streamlined, wide fl at handle, 7“ spitz sharp 25 ° 45 ° 60° 90 ° 125 ° Standard standard abgewinkelt angled 10 mm M T37018SL T37118SL T37218SL T37318SL T37418SL 7 mm OK T37518SL-7 T37618SL-7 T37718SL-7 T37818SL-7 T37918SL-7 10 mm OK T37518SL T37618SL T37718SL T37818SL T37918SL mit Knopf · with ball ohne Knopf · without ball O K O K MK OK M K O K M K

Georg Alber Mikrochchirurgie HK 2014
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